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First impressions are the best impressions. A strong profile not only indicates the seriousness and competency of the candidate, but also portrays them as a strong professional.

Build a strong and impressive profile not only to interact with peers and companies, but also to enables youself to land your dream internships and jobs. Build a profile that will make you easily searchable by prospective employers. Emphasizing on your skills will add immense value to your profile. Build a strong profile and be a part of the YO! Network

Your future is created by what you do today not tomorrow. -Robert Kiyosaki

Start today. Start with internships. There is no substitute to learning than doing it. Steve Jobs interned with HP when he was 14, Stephen Speilberg interned with Universal Studios at 17, Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook at 19, Richard Branson started his first magazine business at 16, Warren Buffet bought his first stock at 11 and filed his first tax return at 14 .They all started young. Finding the right candidate is like finding a needle in a haystack. We make the process simpler for companies by using our platform to hire students with a great attitude who can make an immediate impact.

Did you know that globally 320 million youth are enrolled in colleges worldwide?

Just like choosing an internship that fits a student’s goals and lifestyle is important, so it is for a company to hire a student who can bring loads of value and energy to the existing team. A great start to that would be to stay in touch with each other and know whats going on! So, let's get rolling! Let’s build a network that is helpful in achieving our goals and creating better career prospects for Young India.

Yo!Grad offers a gamut of services for youngsters to explore, experience and enhance their skills through several opportunities while making it easier for companies to hire and engage students.

End to end intern/fresher recruitment solutions
Campus Ambassador Programs
Branding activities across all college and student networks Projects – design to delivery module based on research and past knowledge to meet your specific needs
Design Internships/Student Engagement programs
Leadership and personality development program by expert faculty


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