One sure way to scare teens and tweens who aren't afraid of beasts or monsters is exams. Entrance exams or university exams, exams have been scaring students forever. It is important to save time and this can be done by improving concentration. Here are few tips to improve one's concentration: 1.Avoid multitasking: Facebook on one-tab, whatsapp on phone and music in the background while studying might sound like a plan to make studies more interesting but it definitely is a sure way to kill...
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Bad spellings can ruin your career. You will end up losing marks in every exam and a resume/ SOP with misspellings will never serve its purpose. Here are a few common misspellings you should avoid. 1) THEIR , THEY’RE , THERE THEIR - meaning it owns something, belongs to someone. Eg. It is their house. THERE : refers to a place, idea, action, abstract . Eg. There are many ways to do it THEY’RE : short for ‘they are’ . Eg. They're going to be late 2) LOSE ,...
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TEAM MYRIADS INTERNATIONAL CALL CENTRE BASED AT NAGPUR LOOKING TO FILL 50 JOB VACANCIES Team Myriads International Call Centre Nagpur Hiring "Customer Sales Executive " Outbound Voice Process (North America) No. of Vacancy :- 50 Shift Timing :- 9:.

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