Model United Nations is a student level platform that works like a United Nations assembly in order to help students work with country relationships and talk about international issues. It develops speaking, writing, debating and leadership skills.

Here are five reasons you should not miss an MUN happening around you.

You will turn into a mini encyclopedia

At an MUN, you will talk, debate, discuss and decipher issues of social relevance and high priority. They will help you realise every country’s take on an issue. It will help you know what is happening globally and how are they dealt with. Your intelligence increases in heaps and bounces, your network of connections in countries increase. What makes it even more special is you meet people from all over and you connect with them. A lot of exposure towards the global front is what you will gain.

You become a better speaker

A good speaker is one who can speak well enough for the ones around him to understand. A good speak should be able to articulate his thoughts well. At an MUN, participants will have to learn and use many terms & orders and an MUN will give you the base to debate, learn the eloquences, tone your words and  pitch them in the right manner & negotiate. An MUN will greatly help you in enhancing your negotiation skills, speaking and debating skills.

You enhance your research skills

Without the background information about the Nation, current happenings and Study Guide, taking part as a delegate is a real risk of not understanding anything. Based on the agenda given and study guide, a delegate is required to gather information and updates about the member country. This thorough research and preparation will definitely enhance your research skills.

You will become a better team player

MUNs teach you to be a part of the team but still contribute as an individual. it does not matter if it is a capitalist or a communist country you are representing. What matters is that you will be able to supportively voice your opinion and agree with a set of people which is going to be the working pattern in the near future too.

A great addition to your resume

 While hiring, employers look for good leardership qualities and communication skills. An MUN experience is defientely unique. It gives the employer an impression that you you are very keen on staying connected with global issues and that you enjoy being part of difefrent activities. Your achievements do matter but just being part of an MUN will provide you with so much all round exposure that it serves as a great addition to your resume. 

Apart from the points mentioned above, an MUN is great way to meet new people and make friends from different colleges. 

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