It is that time of year again; air filled with the sweet scent of mangoes, swimming pools having long ques for registrations and students voraciously searching for their short term-long shot job- Internship.
Summer is everyone's favorite season ( Though we all hate the heat). What better way to spend summer than to pursue an internship? To have a complete  allround learning experience, it is important to make best out of your summer internship. Here are 5 ways to make the most out of it!

Show enthusiasm and interest in the work you do. Be punctual -it shows your interest and dedication. Ask as many questions as possible, but remember to ask those difficult questions for which you do not get ready-made answers on internet. Take initiative and give solutions if you find any for current problems- it helps to build an impression.

2. Communication with your mentor or manager
Keep meeting your manager or mentor and update them about goals you have achieved and yet to achieve, this can be done by sending brief recap emails or meeting them weekly at least once. If you need time for a particular project, let them know or if you do not have sufficient knowledge -do not panic, communicate it to them. They do not expect interns to know it all.

Take weekly feedback from your manager without getting defensive. It is important to take critique without getting personal and improve to meet expectations. Rather than taking feedback at the end taking it weekly will also help to strengthen weak spots and will give us insight on how our final feedback will look.

4. Networking
Network,network,network!! Do not shy away from asking email ids or adding managers, senior employees on your LinkedIn network. Greet them when you meet them and try asking them questions regarding their work or experience in that organization. Make sure you stay in touch with them even after you leave by sending them emails once in  a while.

5. Request for recap presentation
 At the end of internship, request your mentor or manager to give you permission to make a recap presentation. Make sure you include all projects you have done, goals you have accomplished to be in included in this presentation. This will help in making a long lasting impression on your manager and organization.

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