One sure way to scare teens and tweens who aren't afraid of beasts or monsters is exams. Entrance exams or university exams, exams have been scaring students forever. It is important to save time and this can be done by improving concentration. Here are few tips to improve one's concentration:

1.Avoid multitasking:

Facebook on one-tab, whatsapp on phone and music in the background while studying might sound like a plan to make studies more interesting but it definitely is a sure way to kill concentration. Our brain works best when given one task at a time.

2.All work and no play makes Tom a dull boy :

Taking brief breaks is as important as studying itself. Studies state that brain cannot concentrate for more than 45 minutes. It is important to take a 5 or 10 minute break every 45 minutes to improve concentration.


Sit straight and prefer a calm environment around or choose to study near a desk. Avoid lying down or reading on bed.

4.Aim, Target & Shoot:

It is important to clear your mind and set your goals first then plan accordingly and divide your goal to few short term goals giving time limit to each to keep a check on yourself. This will not let your concentration drift away

5.Pat on your back :

It is important to analyze yourself and understand how long you have come to achieve targets. If you did achieve your set target in anticipated amount of time, you deserve a reward. Do not shy away from rewarding yourself even in little way possible. If you did not achieve your target tell to yourself" you have still got this" and start working again.

6. Exercise:

Do not forget to take that brief walk or to cycle for 30 minutes. A new study in Denmark states that exercising helps to improve concentration. Also walking helps in better circulation of oxygen which in turn improves concentration.

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