The first step to most student's American dreams is the GRE- Graduate Record Exam. Too many coaching centres, too many promises, admissions and pressure and too little time. Here are 6 must dos for acing your GRE 

1. Do not be in a hurry
Yes, you have less time and need to apply for colleges as soon as possible, but hurrying just spoils it for you. Do not join coaching centers cause your friends have joined them. Take your time in doing your research by attending demo classes provided by coaching centers and understanding what best suits your needs. Signing up for online coaching classes is another alternative for those who cannot stick to scheduled times

2. The right material
Before you start your intense preparation for GRE, you must make sure you are equipped with right study material. Use your college library, resaerch books and find out where you need to start. Always buy official guides and reputed books such as Manhattan 5LB for Maths and Barron's for English( advised but not limited to ). Start your GRE preparation with 'Word Power Made Easy'.

3. Time
Make sure you give yourself ample amount of time for preparation, it is important firt to analyze where you stand by taking a mock GRE exam on ETS official website and decide when to take GRE. An average student requires 6 months of time for preparation and above avergae student requires at least 3 months of preparation

4. Take baby steps
Rome is not conquered in a day. Prepare diligently. Learn just a word or two a day but make sure you master them Study about the root word, antonyms, synonyms and the complete history of the word. Even if you learn 10 new words per day you learn 1200 words after 4 months. 
For standardized tests like GRE, it is important to take preparation religiously. After a schedule is prepared make sure you spend at least 2 hours on preparation for GRE also read articles from blogs such Newyorker, The economist daily which will help very much for RC section.Neglecting regular study will effect your final scores 

6. Newspapers & blogs
Do follow GRE blogs such as Magoosh, Crunch prep for advice tips and sign up to get regular emails from. Dont forget to read the newspaper daily.

Do join the Yo!Club for GRE to post your queries or to interact with students who are taking the GRE. Click here to join.


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