An internship is a  great way to kick start your career and an opportunity to develop your soft skills. However, many students fail to earn an internship irrespective of their repeated efforts.  Here are few  steps that can guide you to earn an internship. 


Explore yourself:  We are interested in many things and passionate about few,  but what really excites us?  The first step to finding an internship or the foundation step for your career is discovering what you are passionate about and where your real interests lie. Research the different possible career options  once you know what you are interested in.


A good resume: A recruiter has only 6 seconds to review your resume.  Impress the recruiter in those 6 seconds by preparing a clear and crisp resume.Proof read your resume twice or thrice and do not exaggerate the truth in your resume. (tip: use YoGrad’s  resume builder for free to generate a readymade resume and choose from 3 different formats)


Email follow up : Your task doesn't end with sending in a resume or applying for your internship on any given portal; It simply starts  at that point. Follow up email is as important as applying itself.  Follow up emails show your interest and passion for the position you applied for.  Make sure you send not more than 1 or 2 follow up emails. 


Networking : It is an undeniable fact that many students land internships through contacts.  Ask around in your family and friends if there is an opportunity or network via professional networking sites such as LinkedIn. Attend networking events in your city and startups that are recruiting interns and approach them.


Interview: If you are at this stage, brace yoursef! You almost have your internship. Dress up appropriately and always be on time or preferably a little early. Reflect best of your personality during and after the interview. Explain clearly about your interests and why you want to intern with that company (Money should never be the reason! )

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