Looking out for an internship that will not only add value to your CV but will also enhance your network and enrich your knowledge about the behind the scenes in politics and political parties? 

Then this summer internship offered by Loksatta party is a must do internship for you. They are offering internships in different areas; Web/mobile app development, social media , media research and content writing, data analysis and more

More about the party:

The Loksatta party views politics as an honest effort to implement change in the nation. “We believe the "India Problem" is one of unfulfilled potential and avoidable suffering. It can be addressed. But for that we need parties that are not bankrolled by powerful vested interests. We need representatives who can drive reform that encourages development. We need statesmen who fight for laws and justice, in all fairness.” Is what the party’s representatives say and believe. 

Loksatta Andolan began in 1996 as a citizen’s movement to promote healthy governance and as a result of this Andolan, the Loksatta party emerged in the year 2006. Loksatta party pioneered the Lokpal bill, which after lot of hindrances have been successfully passed and accepted by the law of the nation. 

Loksatta party believes a liberal and economic view, defending the concept of FDIs in retail, free market policies for the agricultural sector, and, in general, a pro-business environment that leads to the creation of opportunities for everyone at large. The recent opening of the Gram Nyayalaya Bill and Citizen Services Guarantee Bill is a matter of pride for the party, having authored the bills and lobbied, influenced and convinced the government to pass them.

If you are keen on joining this party as a part of their summer internship program, do fill out this form before it is too late 

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