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We spoke a to a few students and compiled some fun college facts. Do you have anything to add to the list?

  1.  An assignment that is supposed to be completed in 2 weeks can be completed in the last 2 hours before submission
  2.  Extra-curricular activities, friends and college parking lots teach you more than a classroom does.
  3.  You might have studied all the chapters in the syllabus and still fail the test.
  4.  You might not know the syllabus and still pass the exam.
  5. A 20 page examination answer sheet is just 10 pages of answers with very very wide margins.
  6. You are doing something just because you can add it on your resume.
  7. You learn to sleep anywhere, anytime and in any position.
  8. You master the art of sleeping in the classroom with your eyes open.
  9. 80% of the questions in the exam will be from the chapters you skipped studying.
  10. You end up having so many stupid nicknames that people will forget your original name.
  11. The most important activity when exams are around is making photocopies of the topper’s notes.
  12. Photocopiers and printers break down when you need them the most. 

Four years might sound like a long time but they will be over even before you realize. So spend your time wisely and make some awesome friends and memories.

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