Have you ever wondered why you keep seeing the same ad on every page you open? Or ever noticed those sponsored Facebook posts on your news feed?

All those promotional techniques and more are a part of digital marketing. Digital marketing refers to reaching out to your targeted customers using digital technologies. 

The demand for digital marketing is growing exponentially and so is the demand for digital marketing professionals. It has become essential for every organisation to have a digital marketing team. Digital marketing is slowly becoming the most sought after profession and traditional marketing will soon be outdated.

Why will digital marketing be the next big trend?

  • Companies are reducing their traditional marketing budgets and investing heavily on their digital strategy
  • It is estimated that digital marketing will create 1.5 lakh jobs in India by 2016 and average salary of digital marketing executive is in the range of 3.5 lakh to 4.5lakh for freshers depending on your skill and competency. 
  • There is a huge talent gap (more than 40%) between the number of resources and jobs available.  
  • 7 out of 10 employers believe they don't have strong digital marketing teams

As there is a huge gap in the number of resources available, freshers can find ample opportunities from social media to search engine optimisation, content creation, curation and more! If you are a complete fresher to this field,  you primarily need to understand and have knowledge of technical terms such as :  

  • SEO -  Search Engine Optimization
  • SEM -  Search Engine Marketing
  • SMM -  Social  Media Marketing
  • Email marketing 
  • Mobile marketing
  • Web analytics 

What skills do you need for a career in Digital Marketing?

  • Ability to analyse data
  • Ability to connect dots
  • Stay up to date with technology and trends
  • should be creative
  • Internet savvy

Starting Salaries for freshers: Rs. 3.5 lakh to 4.5 lakhs per annum.Once you gain some experience, there is great scope to freelance and work on your own too!

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