"The Importance of India" - a Coursera course by The Ohio State University says "Many agree that two of the rising trends of the coming decades are the re-emergence of Asia and technological change. India is at the heart of both trends and shares much in common with the United States.

At the current pace of change, we may see:
- Within 10 years, India positioned to overtake China and have the world's largest population
- In 20 years, New Delhi overtaking Tokyo as the world's largest city
- In 30 years, India could overtake China and the US as the world's largest economy

By the time a current college student is the same age as their parents are today - the world will have changed dramatically. India‚Äôs importance is growing by the day and could very well have far-reaching implications for your life and career.

Design  is an essential part of human existence. From a simple function of its prime use, fashion products have  grown to a multi billion dollar industry. Design needs transcended into fashion need and took over the world as one of the most sophisticated, niche and lucrative areas of business and career options.

For centuries design has been an area of high expertise and customisation. Today its taken the stride of  mass customisation and high end  fashion product with different levels of requirement in creativity and expertise.

Design today is perceived as an exciting career path and a serious education option. Prestigious schools from all over the world today are constantly upgrading to train the students with the latest technologies to cater to the ever changing needs of the industry. The curriculum is designed in a manner that each student is given the complete knowhow of all aspects of design, technology and business of fashion.

There are different courses at bachelors level one could pursue in fashion schools:

- Fashion Design 
- Leather Design
- Knitwear Design
- Textile Design
- Product Design
- Interior Design
- Automobile Design
- Transportation Design

What was once regarded as only an entrepreneurial journey now fetches jobs in all sectors of the design industry. Jobs are very specific and demand a high degree of expertise. Export houses, buying houses, large and small retail brands, design houses and studios constantly need fresh talent for the growing needs of the businesses.  

Design industry all over the world is booming with business. There is a constant need to manufacture high quality goods at  a competitive price. With the advantage of large work force at very low costs India has always been the favourite hub of such business.  The new initiatives from the government and private organisations eased business operations for foreign buyers and manufacturers in the recent past. India is being projected rightly as a destination for creativity, quality, fair trade, ethical business practices and empowerment of the people.

This not only  brings huge manufacturing orders to the country but also builds numerous ancillary industries which again employs different talents and expertise to brings forth economic developments in multiple areas.

Indian designers have been duly acknowledged and honoured all over the world for their passion, creativity and originality  in design.  You could be the next one to make the world proud with your designing skills. Designing is here to stay and make  products with an out of the world experience.

In this context I wish to pitch in Woxsen School of Arts and Design - A school with vision to cater to the WORLDS changing needs and providing Talented Human Resource for the constantly DEMANDING DESIGN DOMAIN. 

For more details, please visit http://design.woxsen.edu.in/

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