Quite recently, technology has taken over the whole country, there are many people working on new technologies and bringing the newer ones to the market even before the previous ones get obsolete. Hundreds of start-ups have started in the country that are providing startling career options to the youth of country. Also, with the advancement in technology, many new opportunities have opened in various sectors.  

Cognitive computer engineering: 

The last decade has shown great potential for the artificial intelligence and it has been seen by some of the companies as a path to future technology. Some of the big technology companies such as IBM have now opened up separate job role for the field and it is one of the top paid job in the technology sector.

Bitcoin technology: 

Bitcoin is a recently coined word and is considered as a digital asset. This is one of the newest field which is expected to grow many times in near future. Many jobs are these days posted for bitcoin technologists. In this kind of job, technologists are required for software development, data scientists and research technologists.

Virtual reality: 

Virtual reality is one of the major advances of the last 5 years. This field has taken a lap into various industries. One of the major industries is education and other is entertainment. In both the industries there is high demand of people who know virtual reality and can design or program around it.

Computer security:
With the advancements in technology, the job of computer security analyst is in high demand. In any company, data is one of the biggest asset for the firm and to keep that data safe, companies spend millions by hiring high level computer security analysts. Not even in India, but abroad also, it has great demand in technology sector.

Analysts in sectors such as healthcare: 

There is no field left where analysts have not taken a place. Healthcare is one of the latest entries to the list for analysts. Healthcare analysts have an interesting job to handle. They have different roles in healthcare such as keeping up with the customers or patients, finding out new trends and demands from the customers and keeping a track of innovations in the sector. 

Mechanical-tech engineer: 

Mechanical stream has got great advancements with the usage of technology in the field. These days, companies have started using robotic technology for automation of processes that has increased the productivity many times. For handling all the operations technologists are required with the knowledge of technology as well as mechanics.

Social media evangelist: 

All the companies have now moved on to the internet and are trying their best to increase their web share. Social media evangelist's job is to handle social media coverage of the firm and to support the company in building up a reputation online.

Market Research: 

Market research is although not new but its demand has increased in the recent times. Due to increasing competition and entry of various companies in the market, the demand increases to find out the consumer behaviour and market trends. This field is supposed to gain momentum in the market with the advent of various data science technologies.

Cloud application maker: 

All the companies are looking to provide online applications and a recent trend of usage of cloud has evolved a new stream of technologist in cloud application maker. These are highly advanced programmers who can develop the platform of any application on cloud and build it successfully for infinite number of users. 

Technology has brought us several new opportunities and if there is talent, then a person can explore several options for an optimum career. Many people argue that technology has killed several jobs, but with the increasing options in the above career sectors, it can’t be denied that technology has brought several more opportunities for the youth of today.

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