Radio Jockeying, the way to go!!

In a country where conventional careers rule the roost , it takes courage to firm up your stance in pursuing an unorthodox option. Backing your prowess in your capability on a similar note and being precise and clear in your future proceedings too play an equally significant role regardless of the field you choose.

Well, Radio jockeying is one such occupation where experience nurtures a candidate who’s willing to dig deep into the intricacies of the craft. It provides an enriching experience of connecting with the audience with your voice and keeping the listeners glued to the radio sets. The profession need not always demand a sparkling voice, but requires a sharp tone and endless wit. In a country like India, where students have begun challenging the credibility of the much acclaimed ‘core’ courses, RJ’ing is a peppy option to keep yourself employed. The past five years have witnessed an immense increase in the radio stations, to name a few Radio Mirchi,Big FM, Radio One that have caught the fascination among all age groups alike. Many more are expected to join the industry soon, thus generating a humungous increase in the number of  the employment opportunities.

When talking about the basic necessities required for impacting a large section of listeners, it ultimately depends on your ability in keeping the audience engaged with interactive conversations, SMS polls balancing it with regular updates regarding important developments , regional and national, which makes general knowledge, a pre-requisite for an aspiring RJ. If updated with the current trends of various sections of the society, an RJ would have a various range of topics to choose from. The longevity of a candidate in this field very much dependant on the adaptability with respect to voice modulation. As the medium isn’t visual one, a jockey needs to harness his/her voice in accordance with the theme the show particularly demands. Eventually it is nerveless spontaneity that would help a jockey peak immense height in this genre. One can’t allow personal mood swings to affect the tone for their slot. You just need to be witty, spontaneous and smart enough in diverse situations to get noticed.

With regard to the monthly wages, RJ’s are paid anywhere in between Rs. 15000-85000. While beginners can expect a starting salary ranging from 7000-15000, you could demand a higher pay cheque depending on the listener popularity you amass in a given time frame. As it isn’t a mundane job that doesn’t have any particular specifications with respect to time, one needs to be mentally accommodative to suit the needs of a corporate. Once considerable fame is accomplished with a regional audience, the RJ gets an authority to command a salary on an hourly basis as a freelance employee. Treading this path, one could make the cut to work for international companies increasing their exposure and exercise their command over the occupation. But to make the stakes clear, one develops passion and bolster their proficiency in jockeying as an on-job experience.


Institutes do offer certificate courses and diploma programs to give interested candidates a handy look in the profession. Even though none of the institutes in Hyderabad have setup courses for the same, a student can approach colleges in Maharashtra, Delhi. The duration of the courses would last from 3 months to a year. It’s an immensely gratifying career for students who wish to experiment with a choice out of the blues. Here’s a handy list that would aid students who would require an off-field experience in Radio Jockeying.

Diploma in Radio Jockeying, Mumbai Media and Film Institute of India Maharashtra, Min qualification: 10+2

Certificate Course in Radio Jockeying Xaviers Institute of Communication, Mumbai Maharashtra, Open to All

Certificate Course in Radio Jockeying Academy of Radio Management, New Delhi min qualification: 10+2, with at least 50% marks

Diploma in Radio Management, Academy of Radio Management, New Delhi, Min Qualification 10+2, with at least 50% marks, Duration 1 year

Certificate Course in Radio Jockeying Broadcraft Media Academy, New Delhi, Min qualification: 10+2, Duration 45 days

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