The 15-20 minutes with an HR don't completely decide whether you nailed the interview or not. Preparing our self for those fifteen to twenty minutes may seem like a difficult task. But frankly, it is not. We just need to sum up all our learning from our past fifteen years of education in the given fifteen minutes. 

Honesty, confidence, good manners and perfect body language are the traits which are appealing for an HR. Inculcating them can certainly make sure that we are close to our dream job.

Apart from the preparation for the interview, there are also some pre and post interview preparations to be made.

Pre interview preparations

  •  Do proper research of the company and the job position you’ve applied for.
  •  Recheck your resume, so that your objective matches with the interest of the company.
  •  Make sure you don’t just stuff all your documents into your file. Arrange them in a proper order.  
  • According to several linguists and psychologists, 93 percent of all communication is nonverval. How you present this information says a lot about you. So put in the order starting from the cover letter/ resume/ certificates/ results in order of relevance to the job.

Things to remember during the interview

  • A firm hand shake- "People make an immediate judgment about your character and level of confidence through your handshake.” Says Jill Bremer a professional image consultant.
  • Perfect body posture- The way we sit can entirely sum up the interest and reverence we give to the speaker. Crossing your legs, folding your arms, placing your arms over the table are some of the bad signs. Avoid them.
  • Smile- Always wear a generous smile over your face which may also make you look less timid.
  • Make proper eye contact- don't over do or under do it.
  • Ask questions.


Post interview 

  • Always send a thank you note to the interviewer. In the email, mention your happiness in meeting the interviewer and you may feel free to clarify your quires regarding the post you’ve applied, which shows your interest towards the company and post you’ve applied. If not now, the interviewer may consider you later if there is any vacancy.
  • If there are more than 2 interviewers in the panel, email them separately . 
  • Often keep checking your email. Chances are more positive for the people who are easy to connect.

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