Hospitality, A Chance Worth It!!

‘Athithi Devo Bhava’ as an average common man in India utters to treat his guests to utmost satisfaction, has indeed turned out to be a crucial necessity for the Tourism Industry that has been on the upswing since 2005. India with its sparkling architectural forms boosted with variant and in fact vibrant cultures have fascinated tourists worldwide to head the sub-continent. Several states have revamped their cultural assets in order to gather tourists from various corners and with the incessant publicizing of the same, tourists have been captivated by the ungainly charm of the scriptural finesse and the alluring tales behind the existence of the destinations. As citizens, we always wish to contribute a small part of the nation’s development in our very own way. What better than doing our bit in guaranteeing an enthusiastic voyager’s satisfaction?

                      Assimilating resources for a tourist is an extremely challenging job on hand. Besides assuring them a leisurely stay, one needs to give them a taste of India’s culinary habits in addition to a glimpse of the various means of transport that the country is equipped with. Apparently, the traveler should savor every flavor and be well informed with the eminence of the destination. In a survey conducted recently, it has been researched that most of the people descending in the country arrive for signing crucial business deals. Amidst packed schedules of the same, a coordinator should be smart enough to accommodate the needs of the client without much ado. Hospitality thus forms a very significant aspect in ensuring a decent inflow of tourists.

                     With respect to the hotel industry, there are a few classifications of a tourist that a job-seeker needs to be endowed with. Basing on the economical standards of travelers, they are divided into certain classes such as

  • The Business Traveler (catering to the well established section of a society)
  • The Leisure Traveler (catering to the needs of the middle classes)
  • Airline Cabin Crew (catering to the regular travelers of airlines for business purposes)

When the subject is taken up for formal education i.e Hospitality in the Hotel Industry, with the two essential subjects being dealt would perceptibly be ‘Room division’ and ‘Food and Beverage’ which on the other hand help you gain an insight in hotel accounting, marketing, security and nutrition as well. On the whole, a student would be furnished with all the information that would aid the operations of the hotel industry on a daily basis. Hotel Industry, an indispensable part of travel and tourism would require a lot of manual toil on a large scale. That’s a very encouraging sign for candidates willing to foray in this industry both on the counts of monetary satisfaction and employability levels. After the conclusion of an efficient degree, diploma or either a certificate course, a student would ultimately land up in diverse departments of a travel sector.

A genuinely interested student would find the following institutes to pursue his/her interest in such a versatile field. The organizations function on the basis of guidelines provided by Indian Institute of Travel and Tourism Management.

  • Indian Institute of Hotel Management and Culinary Arts, Hyderabad.
  • National Institute Of Tourism & Hospitality Management, Hyderabad.
  • Academy of Culinary Education, Cidade de Goa Beach Resort, Vainguinim Beach, Goa.
  • Institute of Hospitality Management, New Delhi.
  • R M Institute of Hospitality Management, New Delhi.

The courses in similarity with most of the existing courses range from being a single year to a 6 semester course. As in with any field, proficiency in English and witty interactive capabilities for sure would provide an edge over the pack. There’s enough advancement and competence in the industry to motivate a student to experiment with the arena. Though on a monetary level, its slow to begin with but with experience one can set up a self financed firm and go ahead to invest in its promising progress.

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