India has never lost a match against Pakistan during World Cup matches. India has a perfect 5-0 record against Pakistan in ICC Cricket World Cup Matches. India won against Pakistan in 1992, 1996, 1999, 2003 and 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup Matches. 

India has won only 50 out of 126 ODIs against Pakistan. 

The only hundred ever scored in India vs Pakistan World Cup matches was in 2003 by Saeed Anwar (scored 101 in 2003). This is now broken by Virat Kohli in 2015. 

The century by Virak Kohli in 2015 is the first ever century scored by an Indian against Pakistan in the World Cup series.

The tickets for the India Vs Pakistan World Cup match were sold out in just 20 mins when they went on sale last year. 

90 lakh people discussed the India Vs Pakistan match on Facebook and 17 lakh tweeted about it. 

Top tweets per minute - India’s win by 76 runs (9987 Tweets Per Minute), century by Virat Kohli (7159 Tweets Per Minute)



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