The Tech Fest is India's Largest Technology and Design UnConference for Students and is happening on the 30th & 31st of July at JNTU, Hyderabad. The conference aims to  energize the engineering and design perspectives students. The Tech Fest focuses on four core Engineering Domains; Programming/IT, Electrical/Electronics, Mechanical and Civil Engineering.

Here are 10 reasons why students must attend the tech fest:

1) Amazing Speakers & tech Talks:

The Tech Fest has some amazing speakers lined up from different domains and companies. The speakers include renowned cinematographers like Senthil Kumar (Baahubali), Dr.S.M.Ahmed, Ex Scientist - VSSC ISRO, Prashant Jain, Director at CtrlS and several other entrepreneurs.

2) 20+ workshops:

The entry ticket at The Tech Fest gives you access to more than 20 workshops (Sixth sense technology, ethical hacking, IOT, big data, digital marketing, Aeromodelling and more!). You can learn technologies used in building applications and products in the areas of computers, aero, IOT, electronics, mechanical. communications and robotics.

3) nVIDIA is their gaming partner:

Gaming is the most enjoyed activity by most of us students. nVIDIA has been the world leader in gaming technology and what better way to get the best gaming experience.

4)The Smart City Hackathon:

Be a part of this hackathon which has numerous mentors and teachers onboard. Not only is this a great opportunity to build a project that can improve the lives of people but also win prizes worth $1000 and domain credits.

5) Showcase your project:

Do you have innovative project that you have developed. Then The Tech Fest is THE platform for you to showcase it to fellow students and entrepreneurs.

6)Technical Competitions:

There are loads of competitions and prizes worth more than 10 lacs to be won

7) Access to Startup Mentors:

The Tech Fest also has the Startup Clinic to provide a platform to connect budding entrepreneurs with startup mentors so that they can get guidance from these experts.

8)The Experts Lounge:

The Expert Lounge is a great way to network and meet experts from various companies at the Experts Lounge. 

9)Celebrate technology and design:

If you have been a technology and design enthusiast, The Tech Fest could be a great platform to meet like minded students from other colleges. You could always collaborate to build beautiful and futuristic products.

10) Because we all need a big break from the regular stuff and be part of something awesome!

Registrations close soon and grab your passes before its too late. Click here to buy your ticket! Share the word and let your friends know.

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