To make money, there are always numerous ways. To make memories, there are always not many chances. But we found something where we can help ourselves with both the things - the JAGRITI YATRA !

Krupiya dhyaan dhijiyein..

Ghaadi number Kurla station, Mumbai se shuru hoke aapko ek paramount of travelling experience pe leke jaati hain. 

8000kms, 475 yatris, 12 destinations, 15 days and 1 lifetime experience. This yatra is definitely 'the grandfather of all other trips''.

The 15 day train journey starts on the 26th of December 2016 and ends on 8th of January 2017. The Jagriti Yatra is organized by the Jagriti Sewa Sansthan since 1997 with the aim of identifying youth over 20 years of age  and with the potential to bring a change in the society.

With  475 participants from across the country, 75 facilitators, 12 destinations, this journey gives  an individual a chance  to interact with many entrepreneurs and other individuals. This trip also allows a person to explore different parts of our beautiful country in a different vision. Amidst all the travelling, you meet strangers and leaders who might be the reason for changing your life for good. 

Life changing leaders, role models, successful entrepreneurs, learning individuals and some amazing friends for life; they all co-exist in JAGRITI YATRA. 

Testimonials from the earlier yatris:

Surya Adavi , CoFounder, says, "If I have to describe Jagriti Yatra in a statement, I would say it is Entrepreneurship-on-wheels. The kind of energy that is packed into a train of 400+ young and aspiring cream of India's achievers, can only be experienced but not described. This journey teaches you the nitty gritty of both micro-management and operations of scale. In a way, this is a 15 day crash course of honing your management skills; a must for every aspiring entrepreneur. 

This journey exposes you to Real India, the facts and figures that control this massive nation of 1.2+ billion dreamers and doers. After Jagriti Yatra, you would start looking at everything in a new light. More than anything else, the biggest takeaway from Jagriti Yatra is that you would have made some friends for life!"

Saawan, another yatri says, "Jagriti Yatra is one of the most incredible experiences in my life.  This trip inspires young entrepreneurs to build themselves and helps young students become entrepreneurs. Being amongst 450 people, strangers at first, the enthusiasm of learning and sharing cannot be described. Travelling across so many places and enjoying the beauty of this country with some inspiring people and friends is worth a lifetime experience. Exploring our minds with people of every religion, cast and creed is very pleasing. This journey will definitely enlighten the positivity in a person. This yatra definitely gave me some friends and teachers for life."

There is no application fee but the tour costs Rs.59,000. Sponsorships are also available for eligible participants. Do not miss this beautiful opportunity. Start applying at 

Last date to register is 30th September, 2016. 

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