What else in cooler than getting paid for designing video games and animated designs for users? If you have the creative edge and love gaming, a career in gaming industry is the right choice for you. 

Today, there are approximately 12 billion gamers all over the globe and the gaming market size is estimated to be at least $6.1 billion by the end of this year and is estimated to reach an annual worth of US $93.18 billion by 2019. From black and white games, the gaming industry has revolutionized itself into 3D gaming and soon is going to turn to virtual reality.  

A graduate/master's degree in this field will help one grab a good job in this field. A hands on experience with the degree is an add on to your skills. Top notch companies like Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft studios and EA sports are always on a look out for the talent that will take their gamification to the next level. If you are still wondering if you should take up a career in this sector, then here are few more reasons that will help you make the right choice:

#1: This industry is full of fun and creativity

All this gaming sector demands is lots of creativity and out of the box thinking. If you think you have that, you are all set to rock this industry. These jobs do not need those 9-5 dreadful hours of work nor does it require you to do only few activities everyday till you get bored of it. The gaming sector requires a fresh mind every day and welcomes anything new. 

#2: Growth perspectives

Since the gaming and animation sector is the hot cake right now, growth perspectives and career options and tremendous in this industry. It has become one of the biggest competitive industry and thus companies are ready to offer a good salary base to people who have the skills and talent in this industry. Asian Correspondent - an Asian news website states that salaries for gaming artists begin at approximately around US$30,000 annually for entry-level engineers. It is expected to grow to as much as US$90,000 a year or higher for senior positions. On the other hand, graphics programmers, can expect an annual salary ranging from US$60k - US$120k per year, depending on level of expertise and experience.

#3: Numerous institutes to train students in this industry

Observing the growth and demand of this industry, today, there are number of institutes that offer varied programs for students who wish to pursue a career in gaming and animation. From coding to animation to designing, the education covers it all in such a way so that the students is independent enough to create what the market demands. Few courses that a gaming enthusiast can choose from are:

  • Bachelors in Creative Arts/ creative technologies
  • Bachelor in gaming programming
  • Diploma in digital creativity

#4: This industry is bound to grow at least for another decade

One thing is for sure - this industry is not going to go out of minds and sight at least for the next 10 years. So, people who wish to build up careers in this field, fret not about the future. In fact with the way technology and animation is growing, there is only going to be advancements in this field and there is no going back into this industry. 

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