College transforms bubbly, carefree adolescents to young adults. Skills learned at college form the base of one's career. It is important to attain the following skills to be not only employable but also to be a successful professional.

1. Time management:
Countless times you must have cursed your professors for giving you that unnecessary assignment with such short deadline. Timing couldn't have been worse if those assignments were allotted to you before exams or before a long weekend you have been planning from ages. Brace yourselves, If you have mastered the art of meeting such deadlines, you are a step closer to attaining the most valued skill- Time management, which ultimately trains you to efficiently multi-task and efficiently work under pressure.
2.Digital Skills:
Students today should be up-to date with technology and should be able to identify and use the required technology to simplify any given work. We are not talking about rocket science here, but making themselves familiar with the usage of basic online tools like Skype, twitter, instagram, FB pages, webex/goto  meeting. Its also an added advantage if you know and use skills suited to your major. Students are assumed to  be comfortable using tools like MS Office Suite and applications.
3.Communication skills:
Many companies complain that freshers today lack both verbal and written communication skills. Lack of communication skills often puts one behind their peers. Communication skills are indispensible in 21st century and are important not only for professional life but also in personal life. College is a great time to hone your reading, writing & listening skills.
It is said that humans are social animals. Making friends with ease and maintaining relationships is important for both personal and professional growth. Ability to network also shows stability and reliability. Networking is among few important skills that one must learn before graduating.
5. Seeing the big picture:
Athletes and chess players often see few steps ahead and plan their initial move. Ability to picturize the final target and planning ahead with prudence is a much valued skill. This skill also enables positive thinking.
6.Learning from mistakes:
Mistakes are too often made in student life, those who learn from them are on advantageous side. None expect an individual to be perfect but it is important to learn from mistakes and rectify them. 
7.Leadership skills:
The world is in need of leaders. Leaders who could knit the gaps and become the strength of an organization. Do not let go off when an opportunity presents itself for you to take up a lead role either for an event or student organizations. Holding a leadership position also teaches you to manage teams, resolve conflicts and take charge. Companies today need leaders rather than followers. Leadership skills also induce skills such as critical thinking and problem solving.
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