Your resue is the first step towards a job interview. It's purpuse is to land you an interview. Every recruiter is flooded with 1000s of resumes and on an average a recruiter spends only 6 seconds on a resume before maing a decision.

Here are 10 common reasons why your resume is not being shortlisted for an interview..

1) Unprofessional Email ID

2) Spelling mistakes and typos

3) Bad formatting

4) Long Paragraphs and unnecessary information

5) Using multiple and silly fonts

6) Cliched objectives

7) Misleading Information

8) Wierd hobbies

9) Wrong chronological order

10) No contact details

We always suggest students that they spend considerable time in preparing their resume. Copy-pasting information on a resume is not advised.

If you are looking for assistance  in preparing your resume, do sign up for a Resume Writing & Interview Skills workshop by Yo! Grad 18th January 2014. Email us at for more details or message us on Facebook (YoGrad)

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