The first step to land an interview is having a great resume and it just doesn't stop there. The interview is your opportunity to impress the employer and one must make complete use of it.

Research says that candidates who ask questions during the interview (or towards the end ) have better chances of being hired. Genuine questions. Asking questions enables conversations and portrays that you are very excited about working with the company where you are interviewing .

Here are a few interesting questions candidates asked us while interviewing with us.

1) What is the vision that you have for the company?

This question is more relevant when you are interviewing with a startup. Find out about the company’s vision, goals etc to see how much they align with your career plans. You can also ask about the kind of work that is currently being done at the company.

2) What are the growth/career prospects for this role in your company?

This question is very important to understand how your role will evolve with time. If there is nothing much to do, don't expect your career to show rapid growth.

3) Who would I be working with?

Asking this question would be a great way to know more about the team that you will be working with. Ask the interviewers if you can meet them. This will not only help you in making a decision but also show the employers that you are very excited about the role.

4) What skills ( or additional skills) are needed to do this job well?

While hiring freshers, most employers look for the right attitude and the willingness to learn in the candidate. Asking this questions conveys to the employer that you are self-motivated and shows that you are willing to walk that extra mile to work things out. Also, it allows you to understand the role requirements and analyse your capabilities.

5) Can I know more about the company’s culture?

This question is a sure shot way of creating an interesting conversation with the employer. Request them for examples of what the company did for their employees. Apart from gaining insights about the company you will also understand how well you would fit into their culture.       


“A job interview is a two-way street”

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