Emails have become a part of our everyday life and it is very important that you follow a few basic rules while writing an email, especially when it is a professional email. If you sending an email to a potential employer, it is extremely important that you keep it as professional as possible. Here are a few tips you could follow to write clear and crisp emails.


1) Subject - The subject should always be small and sufficient enough to get the idea of what the e-mail is about. Think of it as a newspaper headline. Newspapers aren’t read by many people if they isn't a good headline.


Application for Content Writer Position , Referred by ( include first name followed by last name of the person who has referred you ), Request for meeting

Leaving the subject blank is a big No-No. The word 'Resume' cannot be a subject. 

2) Always add an email signature. Include your name, phone number and link to your linkedin or YoGrad profile so that the employer can find all your information in our place. Sign up here for a YoGrad profile.

3) Do a thorough spell check. Double check the e-mail for typos or spelling mistakes because these things make the e-mail less serious and casual.

4) Use a professional email address when applying for jobs.

5) Avoid using all capital letters in a sentence in an email. WRITING IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS IS LIKE SHOUTING!

6) Make use of cc and bcc. If you are sending the email to multiple people at once and dont want them to see each others email IDs, include them in BCC.

7) Dont send a mass email to all employers at once. Address them properly and send individual emails.

8) If you are sending your cover letter and resume as attachments, name them appropriately and save them as pdfs before attaching them.

9) Avoid using multiple fonts, coloured texts or too much highlights.

10) Keep it to the point, short and crisp.

There are a lot of features that Gmail offers; like 'Undo' to unsend the email or options to filter the emails etc. Make use of those features.

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