Summer is here and classes are finally over. The first few days of holidays  are fun and exciting but boredom will soon set in. How about making your holidays more interesting? Use your summer vacation to learn a skill that would be a great add to the resume.

PS: Summer classes are a great way to make new friends

1) Art Forms

Have you always loved dance, music or theatre but could never convince your parents to let you pick that as a career option ? Writing, sketching or martial arts? Summer is a time to enrol for short term courses and pursue your passion. Find want you want to do, who knows you may be doing it all your life from now.

2) Basic employability courses

Did you know that 80% of our graduates are ‘unemployable’ . Make yourself industry ready. Brush up your knowledge of MS-Office (powerpoint, excel & more) and enrol for courses communication and presentation skills. They are of great use moving forward in your career and we promise, taking up a course will never let you down. After all they are easily available and affordable too. 

3) Animation and Design

The new things in town, graphics and animation have taken it by storm. Maya, 3D are today’s things, why would you want to not to learn them after all. If this is your future go for it. Make sure you choose one at a time.

4) Photoshop and Corel Draw

The need of the hour, an Adobe certified person is a great deal to go with. Why would you get away with these softwares? They are the future market. After all we get certified in them by the companies that make them.

 5) Editing

Video editing on Windows Player is old and done. The new end softwares allow you do a lot, it is comfortable and worthy to learn. Avid, Final Cut Pro, After Effects and Adobe Premier Pro are the ones to go with.

 6) Cookery

We do not stereotype this; if you love cooking there is no one stopping you. After all we all love food. This skill will come handy if you decide to leave home for work or higher education. Or you can simply surprise your Mom with your culinary skills on one bright summer morning.

7) Fitness

While you are at it, a healthy lifestyle is a way of life. Enrol yourself in a nearby yoga or gym classes. Zumba is a game on deal. Why would you not choose something that will make you better and also wake you up early?

8) A New Language

German? French? Spanish? Learning a new language is cool! it is fun, an amazing way to meet new people and a great learning experience. People who know multiple languages always have an edge at interviews and it will also be a great add on to your SOP.

9) Photography

 A formal education in photography never harmed anyone. Once you learn the nuances of the trade, its a great option to earn some pocket money too!

10) Social Media / Digital Marketing

Did you know that over 2 lakh jobs were created for digital marketeers in 2016? Get some formal training and you are ready to start working in less than a month. There is a huge demand for social media & digital marketing interns.

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