"Tell me about yourself" is one of the most common and traditional question posted during a job interview. Generally the interviewer asks this question to get an insight about  you and your personality.You have to be careful while answering this question as your answer to this question sets the pace of your interview. Most of the questions that follow will depend on how and what you answer. There is no specific answer to this question and it is just a way for the interviewer to put the ball in your court and it is your first chance to impress the interviewer.



  • Give the interviewer a brief intorduction about your professional career 
  • Keep the answer focused on getting the job and answer it keeping in mind that they are looking for  salient points about you like your knowledge, experience and expertise
  • Speak about 
  • Mention your strenghts you are most confident about and elaborate on how your strengths make you a good fit for the interviewed position. remember that the strenghts must be related to the job position you have applied for.
  • Speak about your achievements, goals and make it interesting.
  • Summarize your education, previous work history and qualifications in less than two minutes at the most 



  • The interviewer is not interested in your personal life so do not narrate your life history 
  • Do not speak against your employer or bad about your college
  • Dont display negativity
  • Don’t just read out what is already there on your resume. That’s  biiiiiig turnoff!!
  • Avoid controversial topics


You can make it more interesting by starting your answer with

  • I am very passionate about....
  • I strongly believe in...
  • Right from childhood I have been interested in / facinated with
  • If I had to describe myself in 3 words...


Remember KISS: Keep it short and simple. It's an interview not a dissertation!!

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