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Get information on how to prepare for MBA exams from CAT 99+%ilers. All your queries from preparation to MBA life will be addressed. How much percentile you need to get calls from various colleges? Are your acads really good? We will let you know everything.

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GD PI Queries Aman Soni 7 26-02-2015
Work Experience for CAT Praveer Prakash 0 21-02-2015
QA for CAT Mohd shuaib 2 26-02-2015
How to improve Logical Reasoning for CAT? Aman Soni 1 26-02-2015
Life at a B-school Aman Soni 10 26-02-2015
How to improve VA for CAT? Aman Soni 4 26-02-2015
Percentile Needed for IIMs Aman Soni 4 28-02-2015
Interview experience Rohit Kumar 6 26-02-2015

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