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Category: Fun/Entertainment

Lyricalmusic is a one-stop talent discoveryplatform that helps artists to discover the right opportunities week-in, week-out along with connecting them directly with the right people, be they promoters, fans or audiences, without any charge. The startup wants to solve all the issues surrounding an artist starting from creating a market for performances, to getting opportunities to showcase their talent, ensure they earn and they even ensure there is engagement with fans. For the company, an artist is the central subject and it aims to highlight them in every way possible.The platform aspires to crunch downthe engagement of various middlemen who try to monetize the artwork of a struggling artist. Thus, making an artistís journey of self-discovery a little more rewarding and simultaneously ensuring direct access to consumers.The only criteria to register on lyricalmusic platform is being an artist. There is no registration fee for artists signing-up on the platfor

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