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The National Students' Union of India (NSUI) is the student wing of the Indian National Congress party, established on 9 April 1971. In order to become the member of NSUI, one must be under 27 years of age, must be a student, must be a citizen of India, must not be part of any other political organisation and must not have been convicted of any criminal activity in past. NSUI categorises its members in to "Primary Members" and "Active Members". An aspiring member who applies for NSUI Membership, becomes a Primary member after his details are verified through the organisationís scrutiny process. An aspiring member or an existing Primary member who enrols 10 or more new members from his/her college to the NSUI gets promoted to the level of Active Member after all his details and the details of the members added by him are verified through the organisationís scrutiny process. -Activitism:- For Students' Welfare For Gender Sensitivity & Equality For Quality in Education Against Inequality in Education For Freedom of Speech and Expression -Seminars & Conferences (S&C):- Lectures Panel discussions -Seminars and conferences (both local and international):- Study visits Institutional visits -Academic Activities (AA):- Legal research group Essay competitions International delegations

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