Startup Crawl

Student entrepreneurship is on the rise. With the easy access to resources and to so many incubators, catalysers and seed funds , an increasing number of students are taking the entrepreneurship route. Entrepreneurship leads to great learning and is a often a journey of self discovery. It helps an individual to develop leadership skills and become more enterprising with their career.

Many students are building their ideas and starting up right out of college and Startup Crawl is our initiative to provide them an opportunity to interact with CXOs of finest startups in their own offices through our event and get first hand insights about starting up.

Startups Covered:

Theme " Product Validation and Go-to Market"
Speaker: Naidu Darapaneni, CEO,

2) PurpleTalk
Theme: "Scaling up and building great teams"
Speaker: Ravi Korukonda, COO, Purpletalk

Event Timings: 08-Aug-2015 10:00 hrs
                        08-Aug-2015 16:00 hrs

Fee: NIL

Venue Details: Whitefields, Kondapur, Hyderabad