IDEEP is a zealous management fest organized by the students of IDP MBA of JNTU College of Engineering. IDEEP is a place where Knowledge meets Fun. The very essence of the event is to build a student to be a best version of him and nothing less - which is the very essence of the course IDP. IDEEP provides a platform where students can try things for the first time, overcome their fears, face obstacles and surpass the milestones set forward by them. The event encourages one to reach new heights and relive their passions.

Event Timings: 18-Mar-2016 09:00 hrs
                        19-Mar-2016 09:00 hrs

Fee: 450

Venue Details: JNTUH-Kukatpally, Hyderabad, Telangana, India 500085

Additional Information: Our events are: 1) Ad-o-mania: This is designed for creative freaks. Participants need to come up with ideas on advertising a product given on spot. 2)B-QUIZ: As the name suggests, this event is for the ones who are intrigued to learning the past and the present happenings in the business/corporate world. 3)B-GAME: This is a simulation event based on concepts of supply chain management.A team consisting of 3 members compete with other teams. The objective of the game is to maintain least levels of inventory and avoid backlog orders. 4) B-PLAN: Have a business idea?A business model to go with it? Here is an opportunity for all the to-be entrepreneurs to pitch your idea and win funding of about 10 lakhs. 5) Paper/poster presentation: IDEEP provides you a platform to present papers/posters which are worth discussing and sharing. It provides an opportunity to showcase your presentation skills and ability to convince your peers 6) Workshop: Data analytics is a process of inspecting, cleaning, transforming and modelling data with the goal of discovering useful information,finding patterns, predicting possibilities,and supporting decision-making. R-programming is one of the most widely used data analytics software used by many organizations worldwide. A hands on session on working and syntax of the language is also dealt during this workshop.