The Geek Angels Summit - Celebration of Women in Technology

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Itís that time of the year when itís time for the geek angels to come out of the clouds, and descend to earthly events. Itís time to unfurl those wings, switch on those halos and get going (and coding). We are back with three weeks of back-to-back events, and we canít wait for you to turn up! Fly on, to discover whatís in store for you.

Workshops (25th -26th March)
In order to be a good Geek Angel, you need to know how the magic works. And so, we have organized workshops over the weekend where experienced professionals will guide you on the latest technology in IT. Skills in Cloud Computing and Ethical Hacking, waiting to be picked up, and interesting concepts like the Internet of Things to be understood. Even if you are familiar with these concepts, these workshops will sharpen your developer skills and inspire you to innovate. Most importantly, these workshops are open to men and women alike, because here at The Geek Angels, we believe learning is unconditional.

The Geek Angels Hackday (2nd april)
The first weekend of April will see all-nighter Hackathons, to take place at PurpleTalk Inc., Hi-Tech City, Hyderabad. To gear up for the weekend, would be a good idea to check out the HYSEA Design Summit taking place on the 31st of March. Combined with the workshops mentioned above, the geek-angels should be ready to share, tackle and solve any of the challenges that they face on the TGA Hackday. For more details, visit

The Geek Angels Hackday is scheduled to begin at 9 am, and go on as long as the angels have stamina! This event is open for women only, but hey, whatís stopping the rest of you from giving the angels a helping hand? So come, join hands, share ideas, and come up with new and interesting solutions to brain-teasing code-ilemmas!

The Geek Angels Summit (9th April)
Discussion and debate is crucial to progress, and hence, to tie up the preceding weeksí of learning, sharing and creating, we finally give you the Geek Angels Summit. Eminent speakers will speak of the latest strides for women in technology, and topics like equality of opportunity, developing a versatile skill set, contesting everyday barriers will be broached. Not only will the Summit address womenís issues in taking up careers in technology, it will also be a platform wherein ongoing projects can be brought to light, and bettered. Following the talks, there will be open discussion sessions, wherein angels and allies alike are welcome to pitch new, inclusive ideas. Ending on a joyous note, there will be appreciation and awards for those who persevere, and those that are up for standing with our cause.

HYSEA, headed by Mr. Ramesh Loganathan, (President of HYSEA, MD of Progress Software) in collaboration with The Geek Angels, understands the importance of these issues in todayís world, and plays a key role in The Geek Angelsí move towards a better tomorrow for Women in Technology.

TASK (a not-for-profit organization created by Government of Telangana for bringing synergy among institutions of Government, Industry & Academia) also in collaboration with The Geek Angels helps us to reach a wider audience, and makes our work relevant to students and workers who just need a push in the right direction.

Like they say, sometimes, the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. The Geek Angels are here to give your steps meaning, and teach you to fly towards your dreams.

Team Geek Angels

Event Timings: 09-Apr-2016 08:00 hrs
                        09-Apr-2016 17:00 hrs

Fee: 800

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