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Growth ambassador
Key Skills:marketing skills, marketing research
Roles & Responsibilities:
* To come up with creative ideas
* To implement campaigns
* Needs to be socially active
* Leadership skills
* To enjoy work and have fun
Campus Brand Ambassadorsundisclosed  Monthly
25-01-2016 To 24-02-2016
Last Date To Apply:24-01-2016
Job Description About Employer

Growth ambassador program by Bucker is a 30 day intensive program for the students which will include sessions, and mentor ship into the startup world. It will include tasks, and responsibility roles to understand and implement their talent in a right direction. The top 20 students , will get an opportunity for a summer internship at Bucker.

Other Requirements:

Bucker is a mobile app that serves as an assisting layer over the existing apps on your device.
With multiple companies attempting to solve similar problems, we have a clutter of similar apps/websites to avail a single service. Booking a cab? You’re most likely go to 2-3 cab apps before you confirm. Ordering food? You’d run through multiple tabs of coupon sites. While part solutions exist for the same in the form of price comparators, deals websites for desktop, the problem has remained unsolved for mobile. It's multi-fold painful on mobile, owing to their smaller screen sizes.

Bucker fixes exactly this. By pulling data across apps and integrating with them, it puts all the information you need to avail a service a tap away. Cab comparisons, coupons while ordering food, cashback while recharging your phone all are one tap away. Bucker’s mission is to create a smarter, more connected mobile world that empowers people to get more of what they want without jumping across apps.