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Leader - Gang of ting ting (GOTT)
ting ting
Hyderabad,Chennai,Bangalore,Daman & Diu,Pune,Mumbai,Bhubaneswar,Delhi,Kolkata,Chandigarh
Key Skills:Good communication, Leadership quality, understanding people and interacting
Roles & Responsibilities:
Brand Awareness
Increase the app user base & engagement
Helping people through ting ting
recruiting volunteers
Training & development
Encouraging New ideas & talents
Conducting competitions
Event management

Campus Brand Ambassadors Annually
25-07-2016 To 22-12-2016
Last Date To Apply:22-07-2016
Job Description About Employer

To inspire and engage youngsters to open up
To understand their situations and problems
To encourage new ideas and talents
To provide secure and practical solutions

Other Requirements:

Helping nature
Street Smart
Socially Active
Thinker + Doer

'ting ting' app connects you to the most amazing people around you. You could reach out to them for help instantly. All you have to do is open up a little, make a post at a specific radius and choose the time frame for your post to be visible to the people in that radius. You could now connect with people by sending them a personal message or a chat request.
No friends, no followers and no hassle!
People can only see your profile and send you chat requests only through your posts.
'ting ting' allows you to set your privacy features too, you could make gender targeted posts and hide your location for certain reasons. Now, if you help people, you could expect a little hugs in return and some good reviews on your profile. You could help as much as possible and increase your social quotient and be an awesome human being!

So, here you are!
* Reach out to the right people around you.
* Get Inspired by fresh trends everyday.
* Help others and get hugs.

Connect, Communicate and Help!