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Asst. Manager - Business Development
Hemp Republic (Hemp Rep India LLP)
Key Skills:Communication Skills
Roles & Responsibilities:
Market research
Pre sales
Pipeline management
Sales meets
Follow ups
Fresher Jobs15000 + Sales Commission  Monthly
Job Description About Employer

We at Hemp Republic are looking for Business Development Managers

Will be responsible for Pre Sales Research, Sales Calls, Sales Meetings, Sales Strategy and Business Development and Expansion Strategy.

Other Requirements:

A sustainable future, built on a rich past

No plant has had as complex a relationship with humanity as Hemp. It has seen glory in the Pyramids of Egypt to the ship sails of Columbus to the Declaration of American Independence among many great feats. Hemp is a wonder plant of the past and the future. After months of tenacious research, experiments and exploration, we traced the timeless benefits of Hemp which we bring forth by setting out on our onward journey of market disruption and steering explorations.

We, the people of Hemp Republic, believe in the magical power of the Hemp plant. Our goal is to bring you better quality, everyday products that don’t harm our planet.

At Hemp Republic, we harness Hemp’s innate power to rebuild tomorrow.