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Design Engineer
Key is design thinking to augment the text with audio and video clips
Key Skills:ability to work with video and audio editing tools
Roles & Responsibilities:
Presenting the facebook and insta post, finding amazing pics to match the text/post I would send, and twice a week augmenting the post with audio and video clips
Virtual Internship1500 Monthly
01-09-2019 To 30-11-2019
Last Date To Apply:28-08-2019
Job Description About Employer

I am building my companys digital profile on facebook, instagram and Linkden. As the company is about selfhelp and inspiring people to go after their dreams, I generate lot of content, almost two facebook posts everyday. Need a graphic designer to make audio, video clips from my content, add supporting audio to some pics and text and make it to a presentable video

Other Requirements:

you need about 4 to 6 hours a week, you can queue up the posts by scheduling , you can work on two bursts of 2 to 3 hours in a week and thats it.

‘I write to fuel inspiration, helping people find their own creativity, build their desires and imagination by bringing out the courage in them to chase their dreams, fuel their positive energy into the reality around them. No individual stops growing, so why is there a need to stop after a win? It’s time to buckle up for a stronger chase.’
based out of bengaluru